Business Note Purchasing

UFS purchases all or portions of privately held business notes from individuals like yourself. We purchase notes that were created during the sale of a business using owner financing.  Please visit our FAQ section for a list of commonly asked questions and their associated answers.


Download Application
The application is in MS Word format.  Please complete the application to the best of your ability and submit it to UFS via the fax or email information contained with the document.
Self-Extracting Zip File  What's This?
Zip File      What's This?
Online Application
If you prefer to complete the application online, please click here.  The process is quick and easy.  
Other Options
If you prefer another format, please contact us with your request.
Business Note Expertise
Business note purchases typically occur when the note holder is:
  • Ready to relinquish the responsibility of collecting monthly payments and absorbing the risk associated with owner financing.
  • Interested in obtaining cash to pay debts, fund other investments, or simply to supplement current cashflow
Sell Your Entire Note
Tired of the responsibility that comes with collecting payments and the risk of non-payment, or are you just looking for cash.  UFS can help.  
Sell Only A Few Payments
Need cash now for other investments, a vacation, or simply to increase cashflow.  Get that cash now by selling the next few payments or payments due in the future.  Please contact us.
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